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Ramya Mallampati

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Sponsor: Mandip Sachdeva

"Evaluation of Epiderm FT-200 (EFT-200) culture as an In Vitro model for skin irritation."

Skin irritation can be defined as a non-specific inflammatory response to chemical damage which is characterized by erythema, mild edema and scaling (Irritant contact dermatitis). Understanding the signaling mechanisms involved in chemical induced irritation is recognized to be of great significance and several animal studies have been reported. However, very few studies have been performed with human skin cultures. The objective of our research is to use Epiderm full thickness ski (EPI-FT200) as alternative in vitro model for skin irritation studies. Jet fuel (JP-8) and its major components (Nonane, dodecane, tridecane, tetradecane, hexadecane) will be used as model irritant chemicals.