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Accepting the challenge to advance more humane science


Research supported by the International Foundation for Ethical Research has confirmed that the advancement of science without the use of animals is more than a promise – it is a reality limited only by the resources we have available.

An investment in IFER’s mission is an opportunity to:

  • change the way science is conducted

  • value compassion as much as knowledge

  • ensure scientific and medical progress

  • help to end the needless suffering of countless animals in laboratories and classrooms.

Your help is urgently needed. An investment in the International Foundation for Ethical Research pays a “dividend” in better, more ethical science.

We welcome foundation, corporate and individual sponsors. Your tax-deductible contributions will directly support the training of tomorrow’s researchers as well as the development and advancement of methods to replace the use of laboratory animals.

Your thoughtful consideration of a gift to IFER is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes, I want to invest in better, more humane science and contribute to ending the use of animals in research.