Fellowship Announcement

The deadline to submit pre-proposals for the 2022 Application Cycle for Graduate Student Fellowships for Alternatives to the Use of Animals in Science has closed. Please check back in January 2023 to submit a pre-proposal for the 2023 Application Cycle.

Our fellowships provide up to $12,500 annually in stipendiary support and supplies per year. The fellowships are renewable annually for up to three years. Continued funding is dependent on student progress and availability of funds.

Fellowships are awarded to those candidates enrolled in Master’s and Ph.D. programs in the sciences whose proposals show the greatest potential to reduce, refine or replace the use of animals in research, testing, and/or education.

IFER funds may not be used for institutional indirect costs (overhead).

The 2023 Application Cycle will open on January 1, 2023.
Woojung Shin
"I believe scientists who are working in biology, bioengineering, pharmacology and other relevant fields are aware of the limitations and ethical issues of using animal surrogates… I believe that the implementable pathway for achieving the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) can largely be explored by the scientists, where I am super proud of my current project in terms of the possibility to contribute to this trend."

Woojung Shin
Former IFER Fellowship Recipient
University of Texas at Austin