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The founding of IFER was inspired in part by earlier efforts to promote what has become known as the 3R’s: the reduction, refinement and replacement of animals as advanced by William Russell and Rex Burch in The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique, published in 1959. A noble effort to advance welfare standards for animals and reduce the number of animals used in science, the 3R’s, however, neglected to address the fundamental inadequacies of animals to predict what is safe and effective for people.

IFER distinguishes itself with a commitment to a 4th “R”—responsible research that incorporates 3 “A”s—accountability, accuracy and advancement:

  • IFER holds itself accountable for investing in credible scientific endeavors that hold the greatest promise of replacing the use of animals. These investments pay “dividends” in better science that benefits both humans and animals.

  • IFER supports methodologies and the use of technology for projects that can more accurately predict what is safe, effective and useful for people.

  • IFER recognizes that eliminating the use of animals is a legitimate goal for the advancement of science, not only because it is better science, but, just as importantly, because scientific discovery does not represent progress if it continues to perpetuate the needless suffering of millions of sentient animals in laboratories and classrooms every year.

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